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I've been interested in photography for more than half a century. Does that date me? Suppose so. I got deeply involved as a teen. Minolta & Topcon 35mm. Bulk Tri-X, Plus-X & D76. Besler 4x5mcrx, Varigam, Bromide single weight & Dektol. Kodak Rapid Color Processor. High school paper and yearbook.

Degrees in electrical engineering and computer science led to a career in display devices and electro-optics. The darkroom went dormant and for many years there were nothing but snapshots. But the left brain learned a lot about photometry and color science.

Y2K arrived and so did digital. Not one to look back I embraced it completely. And now I had time. More time than ever to spend as I chose. I soon learned that I could develop images in the digital domain with far greater control and flexibility than I could in the darkroom. That part came easy, probably due to my technical experience. Which in turn made it easier to unleash the other half of my brain, letting creativity emerge and blossom.

For the past several years I've learned much, and my image making has improved a lot. I've garnered a multitude of ribbons in camera club competitions. I've exhibited locally in art shows, receiving awards and honorariums. I've sold works at a retail venue.

Passion might be an overused description, but that's exactly what I now have for expressing myself with camera captured, digitally developed imagery. My next step is to master archival pigment print making so that my works become a physical reality. The images you see on this website represent an amazing technological feat. Yes, you can reach out and touch the screen that displays them, but the image itself is just a mirage. Without the display, the internet, the hard drive, the cloud, the image doesn't exist. But when I print my image it finds life in our world of objects. It becomes something I can touch, pick up, hand to others. It becomes part of my life and is something I can enjoy myself and pass on to others.

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